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Join Our Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate Program and create advertising opportunities and revenues for your own website. Our free to join Affiliate Program encourages you to refer gamers to StreamMyGame. The members you refer get a highly visible link back to your own website. In addition, for each referred member who subscribes you will receive $1.99 even if they subscribe at a later date.

How it works
  • You must be a member of StreamMyGame to join our Affiliate Program.

  • Press the Join Affiliate Program Button below and complete the simple form. It's FREE!

  • We will look at your website and contact you via the email you provide.

  • Please note to be an affiliate your website needs to be a real, working website.

  • Once approved, we will ask you for two images, a Logo Button Image 40 x 40 pixel which goes in the StreamMyGame Toolbar and a Banner Image 600 x 100 pixel which will go on the SteamMyGame Join page.

  • We will then send you a unique Affiliate hypertext link which you should send your referred customers to.

  • When a customer visits this link they will receive a cookie in their browser which identifies them as a customer you have recommended.

  • Every member you refer will see your Banner Image on the Join page

  • Every member you refer will see your Logo Button Image in the StreamMyGame Toolbar giving you sustained advertising for your website. This Logo Button Image is hypertext linked back to your website.

  • You will also receive $1.99 from every member who joins via your Affiliate link and then subscribes 

  • You will still get paid even if a referred member subscribes at a later date

  • You can check on how much money is in your Affiliate Account by looking at your Logs in your StreamMyGame Toolbar. 

Download one of our StreamMyGame Affiliate Logos and place it on your website now!


Affiliate Program FAQ


Q1. Where do I send my referred customers.

A. StreamMyGame will provide you with a special Affiliate hypertext link where you can send customers. This link displays a special Join page which contains your 600x100 Banner Image.


Screenshot of Affiliate "join here" web page


Customers that join through your link are identified by our database. 


You receive $1.99 for each customer that subscribes for Premium or Unlimited via your Affiliate Link. 


If customers join as a Standard Free members through your Affiliate Link and then, within one year, subscribe for Premium or Unlimited membership you will receive $1.99 for each customer that subscribes. 


Q2. How do I get traffic back to my own website

A. When a customer registers at StreamMyGame all their services are available via the StreamMyGame Toolbar. The Toolbar has the highest traffic throughput on our site. You supply StreamMyGame with your own 40 x 40 pixel website logo and this is placed in the Toolbar of all the customers you referred with a hypertext link back to your website.


Screenshot of the StreamMyGame Toolbar with Affiliate Logo button image


The StreamMyGame Toolbar will generate increased branding and traffic for your own website. Lets say you refer 5,000 members and each of these members uses StreamMyGame once a week. They will typically use the Toolbar 8 times. So over a year, your website logo will be viewed, 5,000 members x 52 weeks x 8 views = 2,080,000 times 


Having your logo in the StreamMyGame Toolbar provides the customers you refer with a quick and easy method to visit your own website enabling your community and the StreamMyGame community to grow and develop. 

Q3. How do I track how much money I have earned

A. If you are an Approved Affiliate, go to the StreamMyGame Toolbar and press the Logs Stats button


Screenshot of the StreamMyGame Toolbar with Logs Stats


Scroll down the page and you will see your Affiliate details and the number of Standard, Premium and Unlimited members your Affiliate Link has generated.


Screenshot of Affiliate details and referral statistics


Q4. How do I get the money my referrals have generated?

A. We will contact you when your referrals have accrued to more than $100. 

You will need a valid PayPal account. 

If you do not have a PayPal account you can set up a new account at www.PayPal.com 

We will then transfer your money into your PayPal account.

Q5. How do I get a StreamMyGame Affiliate Logo

A. Download an Affiliate logo below and place it on your website and then press the Join Affiliate Program Now button below to get your Affiliate hypertext link. To download a logo, just right click the image and select "Save Picture As".


Animated Affiliate Logos
80x80 pixel 100x100 pixel 128x128 pixel 160x160 pixel
To download, right click logo and select "Save Picture As"

Static Affiliate Logos

80x80 pixel 100x100 pixel 128x128 pixel 160x160 pixel
To download, right click logo and select "Save Picture As"



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